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Hiring a Limousine Service for Prom

We have recieved a few requests for advice on where to get a limo from for prom night.  after searching around we found some useful information at which we touhgt we would share.  If you want to learn more about the ins and outs you can checkout thier site here.  Robert Atrino provided a lot of useful information on his site

Hiring limousine services for prom is an activity that will not only require that you have the necessary funding but also demands that you know the basic details and rules that will come with the whole escapade. This entails knowing the basic terms and conditions of the agreement which will differ from one firm to another and getting the company that offers what is best for you.

Before you even start thinking about the company from which you intent to hire the car from, you have to know the number of people you want to carry, the distance you want to cover and for how long you plan to use the vehicle. These factors will play a major role in determining the overall cost of the whole transaction.

The number of people in your group should determine the size of the limousine you plan to rent. To ensure that all your passengers fit comfortably, it will be wise to go for one that has ample space to ensure this.  You don’t want anyone’s dress getting too rumpled before you make it to the party.  Difference in size will of course dictate the design of the vehicle you will end up with. It is more economical to compromise on the style of the vehicle for size but if you insist, you can always rent more than one limousine for your party.

After figuring out what you need in terms of space,  and selecting your limousine of choice, you have to understand how the different limo services operate. Normally, a flat rental rate exists. This is the amount of money that you must pay to get the vehicle and driver out of the firms packing lot. It is advisable that you do your research so you end up getting the most economical option possible.

Something else to consider is some rental businesses charge for items not included in the basic package.  Some companies for example will charge extra based on distance.  After a certain amount of millage you will need to pay more.  This is also true for how long you stay with the limousine. To make the most of your limo experience it is best to ensure that you hire the limousine just before your event and return it as soon as possible. It will also be wise if you limit the amount of driving around you do.

Lastly, carefully go through the terms and conditions of use that the limousine rental firm of your choice offers. These are the rules that will govern how you and your other guests in the car will have to behave during your time in the vehicle. Normally, these rules will encompass normal road safety rules and great emphasis is laid on how you and your passengers will behave in case you get drunk.

Having collected all this information, there comes the time when you have to sit down and evaluate all you options subject to your budget constraints. Calculate the total amount you have to pay the rental firm and do not forget that you are normally responsible for refilling the fuel tank of the limousine. The final estimated cost in conjunction with your taste for the vehicle you arrive in should then guide you to the most economical deal available to you in your area.

Even though hiring a limousine for somebody in high school might seem like something you can’t miss out on, don’t go overboard with the budget.  You could be paying for the car long after the night is over, if you don’t exercise caution and limit your expectations.  Just a few thought to Consider as you plan your graduation night.

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After School Romance

Getting ready for the prom is an exciting proposition.  Everyone has to get answers to the age old questions associated with a successful prom night.  After commencement and you have ditched your parents, you need to figure out who is arriving in the limousine, corsage or no corsage, coordinating dress and tuxedo….  The list seems long.  The most import thing though is often assumed to be easy if you have been dating someone for a long time.  Who are you going to ask?  A lot of people go to prom with friends but for the people that  are in a long term relationship, prom is the culmination of their high school relationship.   So what happens after prom?  Easy decision if you are both staying in town to go to school or work.  But if you are both heading out of town to go to college to different schools often question about what happens next with your relationship become pressing.

The first place to start is having an honest discussion about where you see your relationship going.  College is a stressful time in your life and you will be experiencing a lot in the next few years.  Maintaining a relationship is hard work and doing it long distance is harder.  But if you both are committed it can work.  After you have discussed it with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you both still want stay together for the long haul, having a plan is key to you successful maintaining your relationship.

Plan to Talk Regularly

Class schedules can be hectic but plan to talk to each other every day or two for 5 minutes.  Skyping  or phoning so you can see each other is important to catch up on what you both have been doing.  It will allow you to still feel that you are actively involved in each other’s lives.

Make a Formal Commitment

Understanding that you are both committed is important.  Getting a promise ring for each other is a graphic illustration that you have decided to stay together while attending different colleges.  Also beyond being symbolic, according to, a promise ring is a signal to the world that you are not available.

Plan to Visit Each Other Regularly

It is a given that you are going to meet new people and make new friends.  That is what is supposed to happen when you go to college.  By visiting each other once in a while you can hang out with each other’s new peer network and they can meet you too.  This way you are not just a name, but you have a face and  you will have a relationship with your partner’s new friends too.  A quick weekend visit once in a while goes a long way to establishing trust in a long distance relationship and keeps you an active participant in each other’s lives.

Maintaining a long term relationship over a long distance isn’t easy but many couples are successful.  If you can make it through this stressful time the rest of your life together will seem easy.

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After School Job

With the ending of your high school career, the world suddenly seems like it offers a plethora of possibilities.  It may be hard though to fathom the change your life is about to take after so many years of being in the educational system.  We all can’t wait for the day that high school ends and we can call ourselves officially adults.  Nothing is more exciting than commencing the journey and starting to make your way in the world.  For many this includes starting a program at a college in the fall.  For others, it means taking some time to travel and think about what comes next.  For many though a more viable option is to enter the workforce while they decide what they want to do next.  Nothing helps establish a sense of being an adult like getting your first full time job.

School seems like the logical place to go after you graduate.  It almost seems expected these days by not just your parents but by everyone else too.  Choosing an area of study is a major consideration however.  Four years of college doesn’t come cheap, and people enrolling at any school are making a major financial commitment.  Though the statistics prove that it is definitely a good investment in securing a person’s life long financial success and security, this is only true if you complete a program.

Often it is difficult to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life after feeling like you are just finally free from the forced regimentation of the public school system.   College is vastly different from high school and you are expected to take responsibility for your educational experience.  With that expectation though you will also be treated like an adult.  For many however committing to another four years with the new expectations that college brings is not something they are ready to consider.  Especially if you are not clear on how to answer the “what do you want to do with your life?” question.

Finding a job right away is a great way to transition into adulthood.  Making some money while you figure out what you want to do next will also help to fund school when you are ready to take the leap.  Often an interest in a particular area of employment can give you some experience in an entry level position to see if the sector is right for you before you start a degree program at a college to advance.

Finding employment can be easier said than done however if you are focused on a local job.   If you are willing to travel for employment though there are lots of opportunities even if you are having a tough time finding something of interest in town.  The best place to start is by doing some research online for cities that may be of interest to see if you would like to live there, and what type of jobs are available.  Good sites to start your research are temp agencies or employment sites that specialize in the region you are looking at moving too.  Here is a short list to get you started:

For staffing agencies in Dallas click here

For staffing agencies in Houston click here

For temp agencies in Georgia click here

For temp agencies in Maryland click here

For temp agencies in Chicago click here

For temp agencies in California click here

Moving to a new city after finding a job not only offers the benefit of making some money for school but also you get the adventure of living in a new local and on your own for the first time. Taking a work year is something to consider if you don’t have a strong preference in mind for an educational path.  The life experience you will garner from a year in the working world will help to focus what you want to do.  Everyone has to work during their life, you might as well spend some time early on and figure out what kind of job you think is going to be satisfying.

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After School: Go See the Nurse

Everyone is going to have a great grad! But after graduation more than a few people have indicated they are not sure what they are doing.  If you didn’t get in to your A list school and didn’t apply to a backup school, time to consider what you are doing after the summer ends.  Your parents are already probably asking what your plan is and all you want to do is enjoy the moment and the party.  Take a minute though and think about what comes next.  If you aren’t taking a year off to travel and are ready to jump into your new adult life consider some career training.

One career path to consider is nursing.  Nursing is an intelligent choice for a career with boundless possibilities that can take you in a lot of directions. The need for nurses is unending due to the job’s nature and this career affords more benefits than you would expect. When it comes to job security there is no better course than the nursing profession. Based on studies by the Institute of Medicine, nurses are accorded higher percentage of confidence and patient gratification amongst other medical practitioners and they can choose to work as travelling nurses, in military services or even on cruise ships aside from hospitals and nursing homes.

Being a nurse opens many possibilities. You can choose to specialize, or put the skills you gain from a nursing program into practical application quickly by finding a nursing position after completing a program.  A respected profession, nursing offers not only secure employment and career advancement but is also personally rewarding in comparison to other types of jobs.   You will be part of a highly respected profession that will be challenging every day.  You will also know you are helping patients at their most vulnerable time and affecting people in a positive way.  Not many careers offer making such an impact daily in so many lives.  A great number of patients benefit from the compassionate a nurse brings to a hospital stay.  You are the main point of contact for these individuals, and offer a human element to their care that is much needed and absolutely important to help them get better.  In return for getting the chance to help, you receive a level of emotional fulfillment not present in other career paths.  You will be confident knowing that you are able to change people’s lives through the care you offer.

According to, when deciding on training to become a nurse, you have the option to enroll in a program for Practical Nursing at various nursing colleges that offer clinical training. The clinical side provides students hands-on experience in patient care under the supervision of an RN or a doctor. This program usually runs for a year and by its end, the Practical Nursing graduate undergoes qualifying exams administered by the National Council Licensure. When you pass, you will become a Licensed Practical Nurse or LPN.  An LPN works under an RN or a doctor’s direction and his/her nursing skills include working with doctors or supervisors during examinations and treatments of patients, assists in administering medication and generally aids in patient’s recovery.

Once certified, an LPN may opt for further education by becoming a Registered Nurse. A Registered Nurse is able to care for patients directly, assess their reactions and progress and observe the medical care given. One quick way to achieve it is by pursuing a two-year Associate Degree that focuses on the technical nursing skills.  This program provides the graduate a fulfilling career as a Registered Nurse as he/she advances towards acquiring a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree. As a four year course, BSN degree accords the graduate recognition and greater career opportunities in the medical field.

Other options to consider are the various programs for nursing degrees offered online which is a common path taken by students who have other obligations to fulfill in their everyday lives that inhibit them from attending full time classes.  Below is information about programs in diffent areas if you want to go away for school.

programs in Ohio

programs in Utah

programs in Indiana

programs in Arkansas

programs in Missouri

Accelerated Nursing Programs on the other hand cater to undergraduates or those with bachelor’s degree in other fields who want to pursue a nursing career. Instead of going through the usual 4 year nursing program, nursing colleges allow the applicant to accelerate through the degree.  Programs normal run 12 to 13 months. Coursework though is more intense and rigorous since the 4-year nursing course is condensed into a 1-year study program. Classes run all seven days of the week and strenuous practical training is included in the last months.  The graduate then can proceed to a master’s degree after accomplishing the accelerated nursing program is desired.  A masters degree in nursing guarantees better job opportunities, the option to move into hospital administration positions and greater salaries.

Nursing is not just a career path that offers stability and security. Though, no matter what the state of the economy, demand for nursing jobs never seems to run out. The main benefit is knowing that you are making a deference.

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